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How EnviroData Works

How EnviroData Works

Features and Benefits

Providing cutting edge data management and analytics to fulfill the environmental assessment and monitoring requirements of our clients.

Data Ingestion

Data Ingestion

EnviroData accepts instrument, field and sample data based on observations, and physical and chemical measurements across all data types.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis and Modeling

Create reports and use custom modeling capabilities, such as evapotranspiration calculations.

Automated Workflow

Automated Workflows

Ingest, quality check, calculate, interpret, and integrate datasets seamlessly.

Guideline Calculation

Guideline Calculations

Prepare complex guideline calculations, which includes pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and hardness dependent calculations

Customized Reporting

Customized Reporting

Build custom, automated reports specific to your unique project and compliance needs.

Web Based

Web-based Interface

Instant access in any location where internet is available, including on smartphones and tablets.

Client Access

Multi-stakeholder Access

Provide secure access to corporate teams, regulators and other stakeholders.

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Industry Tested

Used by clients around the world. 

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Users

There are no licensing restrictions with EnviroData.

What Data Can EnviroData Manage?

EnviroData accepts instrument and sample data based on physical and chemical parameters across all data types.

Accepted Data Sources:

Handled Data Types:

Integrated Environmental Specialists

EnviroData has been created by Hatfield, a multidisciplinary environmental services firm. Together we can help to navigate complex permitting and environmental management processes to reduce the risk of regulatory-driven delays.

Project Examples

British Columbia Metals Mine

A BC metals mining operation uses EnviroData to manage environmental monitoring data collected as part of aquatic and environmental effects monitoring programs and water quality baseline studies to support its permitting processes. EnviroData provides mining operation staff with automated compliance warnings and regulatory guideline management capabilities, including calculation of complex water quality guidelines. Mining operation staff can easily manipulate, visualize, and export datasets as graphs and tables on the platform. EnviroData provides extensive reporting capabilities, including a range of automated reports. Hatfield staff work with mining operation staff to build capacity for performing reproducible data analysis using EnviroData, R, and other tools. 

Alberta Oil Sands

Alberta Oil Sands mining operations use EnviroData as part of long-term, Hatfield-led aquatic monitoring and research programs. EnviroData provides data management workflows for various monitoring components of the programs, including automated ingestion and QA/QC of continuous telemetry data and discrete laboratory data. Hatfield staff are actively building new functionality to meet clients’ needs, including features for the management of toxicology reports, taxonomic analyses, and vegetation monitoring data. EnviroData will be used as a one-stop shop to provide access to all research and monitoring data for clients, external research teams, Indigenous communities, and community stakeholders.

Alberta Coal Mine

An Alberta coal mining operation uses EnviroData as part of a Hatfield-led baseline environmental monitoring project to fulfill fish, aquatic, and water resources data requirements for an eventual Environmental Impact Assessment. Data generated from this monitoring program allow Hatfield staff to predict project effects prior to and during mine construction, operation, and closure, as well as define potential fisheries offsetting options and priorities. EnviroData provides self-service data access to various project stakeholders, including mining operation staff, researchers, Indigenous communities, and community stakeholders. Hatfield staff work with laboratories to develop data formats for electronic data deliverables (EDDs) that can be automatically ingested into EnviroData. 

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